Saturday, November 11, 2006

pure self-interest
furthers America
especially war

well if the world followed
given that so many soldiers
Canadians turn to the bill

the day of lightly blue
send our lads to Somalia
it would also be better PR

a mission in Afganistan is
not resolution
of peace is contrary
of continuous conflict

we've paid for freedom
i fear it's naive
hold onto your hats folks

we did not have a Quebec flag on our uniform
since our crew spoke French
peace through victory

expanding poppy fields
casualties our troops
we and the former Soviet Union

Freedom Fighters
Slash Iraq
Fractured -- Stupid

most are Non-Quebecers
stressed by the media
zombies throw their rifles

Pierre Trudeau hiding
the Rocket Richard
glories of socialism

i'm embarassed;
we are a member of the world
united states

no surprise here
and now they have Harper
no peace to keep


Blogger Jon said...

You should continue writing on this site. I like this space a lot... full of little gems, like this one.

11:32 p.m.  

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