Saturday, November 11, 2006


An attack of the beseiged upon the beseigers.
To go out.
To rise up.
To surge, surgere.

How like an exit

Rush and kick
the resurgent
bouncing ball-

To kick oneself
in the self reproach

In the beginning
was the word promise
to accept the generalities of all
to fight the banalities of none

In the beginning
was there
was ever only one
of a whole class
commander of an army

artifice, trick
to pluck out
the apple from apple
the sauce from sauce
to gain or succed
by labour
what all words deny

to refuse loans
to a certain neighbour
based on redlines
on exit signs

radical renegade
turncoat apostate

you, thou
ananta, kimi, omae
learn from slaves
will you all do this?
will one of you do this?

apple means apples
slave means slaves
singularity means singularities

Meaning means stinging, nasty
inferior, poor
that which is halfway between extremes


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