Saturday, November 11, 2006

with the hurricane alberta time
trade deadline dead lies, line
dream disappear into oil lines
tram lines petroleum old linoleum
fold kick up champ champion pylon
where we used to skate, dissipate
back when participaction gold medal
endurance run from gretzky as poster
poptart prostar walk past distract
the fringe festival birthing cup ring
look at him now looking at him now

re-inscribing himself games of hockey legend
100,000 strong laughing lafleur sponsored toques
laughing sublime narratives into necessary
conclusions, statues, and retired numbers;

he's here because he left
because he almost cost another city
its champions, its game six, its staring
in the face of and finding the necessary elegance
of the grace of and of the records of
sweet sublime, sweet necessity, sweet ends

from edmonton to moncton
over italian flags in toronto little portugal
the backward glance of the stanley cup
but when iran loses little korea
seems to see the potential of the moment
montreal tells vancouver about terror tanks
and the aqueous stilled gills and barbecues
short summer night


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