Saturday, November 11, 2006


Roiling goilers, untroubled wind sprites

horks in the corners, shotless broken sticks

mark – mark that – mark it up – mark it in

crash net fish net broken arms and knees

five games spoil country walter raleigh gretzky

southern footprint ecology and they’re all juiced

on orange juice by the dick pound of cherries.

Cock it up, shoot it in, fly away home, now

urine oil cunt try bladders bleeding ladders leading

up the cup, stand it up, stainly watch it names etched

some kind of selective history, don maclean to

river don cole to golf hole mulligan once again

ready for it all to fall to leafs to leaving seasons sea songs

end of the road goad yell at the screen obscene

undermined by replays all summer long

back to the pond


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