Saturday, November 11, 2006

Coach in the corner with one minute left
and its one to nothing or nil to zip to piss all
any when he walked right in there it was
raining black bullets buddy friendly teeth in
the crease, trip worthy hand on the puck
broken rib shot cage into the box keep
your stick on the hand head up handle
the man before you hit the has marks
trip over the coin in the open ice

ten thousand strong in every bar
singing ten to one at the barmaid at
the game seven in the hinterland
what old don calls a hard to be humble
playoffs everybody going nuts as soon
as he touches the puck, pisani, pisani,
to peca, where's wayne any more?

remember charlie huddy? two of the
greatest guys in the world, dump that way
and ride to the long thin blue of the world
with the bigger glove


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